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about us

Located in a significant area of Hyderabad, Telangana, also appraised as the center of technology, DST Courier is way better than what you have experienced up till now. We are going to update your perception of the courier industry of India. You may have had issues in transporting goods from one place to another, but those days are now over. Having extremely talented and skilled human resource, we confidently claim to deliver whatever you want, to wherever you order, in the most competitive cost and reasonable time period! We follow international standards and work harder to leave them behind.

Our organization delivers all sorts of items, be it food, baggage, luggage, household stuff, chemical solutions/samples, industrial goods, in short, you name it and we have the answer of placing them on the ordered place in the given time. You will be astonished to know the fact, we are way too ahead of all those presenting themselves as the fastest, cheapest and the best in the world. Enjoy DST Courier services and let your satisfaction speak about our quality.

We have partnered with globally recognized companies including UPS, DHL, Aramex, and several others to cater to your overseas orders. Our widespread makes it easy for you to reach your place and experience the quality you expect. All of our branches entertain you with delivery services in the domestic and international circuit.

Do not shy away if the desired place of shipment is far. We address your concerns. You will not have to pay a big amount for the service, rather it will be lesser than your expectations. Fewer charges do not mean poor quality here. They are because of effective and efficient people and machinery.

DST Courier work for you with great enthusiasm, the reason you will always be smiling with what we offer you!

amazing features


Having read all the details, the commitments, the feedbacks and all about our systems and procedures, you should just pick up your phone and ask us for transformation. Enjoy the services that scale up to perfection, nothing less than that.

Book the Consignment

Fill in the form, inject the required details and your parcels are booked for delivery. The process will start on the stated time and will be fulfilled in a few hours as shared to you. The consignments booking process is not too technical, just feed the information and it is done.

advanced tracking

Check on the tracking tab, type the order number and know the current place of your product. Tracking lets you know about it.

safe shipment

Your parcels are going to be shipped safely. No harm to your things. Careful shipment will get your product delivered in the ideal or actual state.

timely delivery

We guarantee you to deliver parcels on time. Punctuality is a core value for us. You will get to know as you order us for delivery.

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