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door service

Free home pickup courier service

Free Home Pickup Courier Service

We have designed a full-fledged framework on how to operate and perform our functions. All the rules and regulations regarding our Door-to-Door Delivery services are very clear to all of the employees. All of the directions are set.

The homework is done to serve in the best possible manner. As we aim to revolutionize the courier industry with our premium standards.

As far as Door services are concerned, we have the strategies ready. This head is monitored systematically. We are equipped with skilled employees in the zone. They are passionate enough to follow the process and get things done. The department has all that is required to perform the duties. We take door services as our face. People are directly related to it. Customers get to observe our staff in the department. The staff is trained in a way to be presentable. They should inspire people. People observe them and make a perception of our company as a whole.

Services we render in the head are based on the customers' expectations. We put ourselves in the customer's shoes and see what one expects from a courier company. Our services make sure that the recipient gets the product in its original state as it was at the time we received. First and the foremost check about the exact address shared by the client. Afterward, the person taking the parcel is recognized and confirmed. We take the recipient's signature and other required to avoid any mistakes whatsoever.

An email is sent to the client informing him about the completion of the delivery right after the placement of the package. The tracking system also gives a green signal once the assignment is done and dusted. Moreover, the client can also mail us in case he/she did not receive what we delivered.

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